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Others activities - Spanish Institute of Buenos Aires


Tourism: We offer various tours to the most visited places in Buenos Aires city like Recoleta, Palermo, San Telmo, La Boca, San Isidro, Microcentro and the most important buildings (Casa de Gobierno. Cabildo, Catedral, Plaza de Mayo, etc).
We believe that it is important for the students to use spanish in real situations as well as to know the culture of the country they are visiting.
We highly recommend the students to apply what is learned in class in these tours and activities through the city.

Guidance: We guide incoming visitors to the country to perform different kind of procedures. Each country has its own language, culture and way of doing things, thus, we accommodate each visitor in the guidance to do different things, such as guide in the procedures of renting an apartment, flat, bank procedures, legal documents, etc.

Spanish Institute of Buenos Aires