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Our courses - Spanish Institute of Buenos Aires


We offer regular or intensive spanish courses, depending on the student’s interest and necessity. We consider dominions in the following areas, for the course development:

* Oral production
* Written production
* Reading
* Oral comprehension

Three levels are offered according to contents:

* Basic
* Intermediate
* Advanced

In order to determine the student’s level, the professors offer level test free of charge. Once a course is finished, a certificate of knowledge will be given to each student, specifying the level of knowledge in the language.

We use authentic material: tales or short story, songs, advertising, journalist texts, stories, etc to develop the communication, grammatical and cultural content of our courses.

Types of courses:

* General spanish.
* Business spanish.
* Spanish for students that do cultural exchanges or are specializing
in different Argentine universities.
* Spanish for family members of foreigners.
* Specific spanish according to the necessity and doubts of the students
(conversations, literature, history, art, etc).
* Preparation for national or international certifications Spanish exams.


Spanish Institute of Buenos Aires